Wallcovering & surface designer, I worked with several surface covering brands such as Cartilla, Panera, Jannelli&Volpi, Li&Pra Skinwall, Glamora, Bulbo, yet thrilled with new opportunities.
My works have been displayed on the most significant contexts internationally, and in various tv sets.
I provide design and creative direction for capsule and yearly collections. Themes are previously agreed in order to develop significant and targeted design.
Additionally I create a 2D/3D photo-realistic rendering so to set the design into an enhancive environment.

Graduated in 2006 in France with a master in design management. French with Emilian roots, I moved in Italy in 2010.
Since 2012 I've grown experience in the research and development of wallcovering collections and project management.
The course through industrial design environment gave me inclination for detail and consistency in bringing a personal interpretation of socio-cultural trends to my realisations.
I like to browse and recreate material te
xtures that enhance the harmony between subject and background through plays of transparencies, overlays and balance.